A Perfect Couple……..

We have just been bombarded with every little bit of information about Prince William, Kate the Duchess of Cambridge and little Prince George on their recent visit to Australia. It seems the public couldn’t get enough of the Royal couple with record crowds waiting for hours to catch a glimpse!
What is the fascination with these two young people? Is it that they represent a perfect life? Everything seems to be in order…they seem to have the perfect marriage – topped off with the perfect child. Kate has even invented a new fashion trend…restraint…and everyone loved what she wore! In the eyes of the public…she did it right – everything is just perfect!

Is it this notion of perfectionism that has captured us all? A small dose of healthy perfectionism can be a motivator. It can help us set goals,it can make us strive harder when the going gets tough, and it can drive us to achieve dreams. We can look at these two young people and decide that we would like to be like them in some way. But one has to be realistic with goals. Research has shown that the need to be the best or living up to an unattainable ideal or role model can lead to anxiety and depression.

Perfectionism is an illusion that is fed to us by the media. It sets one up to fail as the perfectionist tries to achieve self imposed unrealistic expectations or goals. Perfectionistic behaviours are governed by inflexible rules and to maintain them, perfectionists resort to excessive behaviours such as constant checking so as to avoid failures, dieting and exercising to be the thinnest or surgery to be the prettiest. Perfectionists overload with work because to delegate might mean that the job won’t be done well enough. Young sleep deprived mums try be the glamorous superwomen depicted in the popular magazines creating great personal anxiety. Procrastination is another way that perfectionists avoid failure- putting something off for as long as possible because they must get it right. If a perfectionist fails, their self esteem is battered, they fear disapproval, they believe others “have it all” and are filled with envy – a recipe for anxiety and depression.

Yes, William and Kate appear to be a lovely young couple who handle their responsibilities in a mature manner. Perhaps what has captivated us the most is that they seem to be quite relaxed in their roles and we catch a glimpse of them as human beings, who at the end of the day, like to put on a pair of jeans and kick back, just like the rest of us. Let me know what you think?