“Although the mind resists it, the fact is that like me, you have a choice between having the life you want or the reasons why you can’t. You can luxuriate in joy and peace, or you can continually be burdened by that big black bag full of all the sorrowful incidents and accidents that happened to you in your childhood or last relationship. You can endure your wounds or you can enjoy your glory. You can live the life of a victim, burdened by the traumas of your past, or you can live the life of a hero, but you can’t do both. If you want to feel empowered, you need to make a courageous decision to create a sacred dream and practice courage.”

— Alberto Villoldo from Courageous Dreaming

In his book “The Power of Ted”, David Emerald describes the three roles that are played out when we are victims. They are … The victim, the rescuer and the bully.”

The antidote to these roles are TED or The Empowerment Dynamic.

Simply, you ask yourself the question “What life do I want?”

The courage to choose the path you want then allows the victim to become the creator of their destiny, as much as they can, by taking courageous steps to CREATE the life that they desire. The people who bully or persecute are regarded as those who challenge us and we find the answers to those challengers by acting according to our own moral compass.

The victim finds the strength to not look to others to make decisions or to help us, the rescuer enables an inability to take responsibility.Instead, the victim can take steps to find a mentor or coach or therapist who encourages personal growth.

Stop living with past wounds and start living for today – the change will be empowering!!!!