What Is Counselling and Psychotherapy?

Counselling and Psychotherapy consists of a highly skilled conversation that utilises the interper-sonal relationship between counsellor and client to develop self awareness and enable people to make choices about positive changes in their lives.


How Does Counselling / Psychotherapy work?

Empathy is essential to human connection. Research has shown that when a person is under-stood, when someone shows care for another, when someone is totally present with another with-out any personal agenda, an individual can begin to gain the confidence in themselves to find their own way through their problems.


What to expect from each session.

Therapy in a sense is an artificial relationship. However, the interpersonal relationship between client and therapist can give deep insights into the client’s worldview. I am an engaged, active therapist and I share my observations and insights with each client. The goal of each session comes from the client. The work is not merely to get rid of the pain, it is to create positive richer and deeper relationships with oneself, others and our environment.