Why go to therapy?

You want to accept yourself more – Explore blocks to self esteem.


You want to make a your marriage better – Navigate conflict and difference.


You want to be the best parent you can be – Get the support you need.


You want to thrive in your relationships – Be free to be yourself without fear.


You want more meaning and purpose in your life – use transitional periods as opportunity.


You want to focus completely on yourself – Discover who you really are.


You want to let go of things – Therapy can assist you to come to a resolution.


You want a place to practice new behaviours – A safe place to explore scary things.


You want to explain what you have lost – Therapy allows a place to grieve.


“The more we know ourselves, the better lives we can live. And when we get into trouble, very often what happens is: there are parts of ourselves, that we dont know very well.”

– Irving Yalom.